Friday, February 22, 2013


Last summer I received a strong impression, like a revelation, where the peoples of the earth were separated into two groups, one with technology and the other without. It seems to me that machines are becoming the masters of humans instead of humans being served by machinery. Humanity is being crippled, being animalized, and though God does not need many generations to change the face of the earth, (he can do it instantly), in my vision this took place in a span of various generations.  Studying the various groups of people that are staying away from technology, it seems to also be two categories, those that do it out of tradition, indigenous cultures and alike, and those that consciously choose to stay away from technology even though it is readily available. The first one will eventually succumb to the environment, and if it chances to be an environment with technology it will change their traditional ways to that of modern ways, in one generation. We have seen it happen many times. The other group who consciously chooses to set themselves apart, do so out of convictions stemming from God, and will also see changes, as technology creeps in forcefully, the groups will experience division and purification. Some will not be able to stand the pressure of the world, and will start to compromise ( using computers for business only, watching TV programs that are acceptable, etc..) we all know where that compromise ends up, next generation does not have the limit and starts following the crowd. Now this seems to be rather extreme, yet it is the vision that was given, and though from the outside it may seem crazy, it was also looking rather crazy when I found my husband, yet it was God’s will.  I had been in relationships, every two years, with men that I always thought I would be married to. Finally my friend told me, do not keep on thinking that this is the one you will marry, you are always wrong! After my marriage I did change my romantic ideals from one level to another, and now I was looking for a church, one that would be the real church, the one that I would be married to. Every time we would find a church we would “fall in love” with it and think it was the ONE. Well, now I am ready, like my friend told me, to let go of that search too in the spiritual, and to let God decide which is the church I should commit to, the one which through thick and thin I will stand and never let go till death do us part. I was given  a vision, now I want to respond willing and accordingly.

The story goes that one time, tourists in Pensylvania asked their Amish guide, so, what is the difference between us English and you Amish? The Amish guide said,: Who is here thinking that TV is not good for children? All raised their hands. Who is here taking the TV out of their lives? Nobody raised their hand. This is the difference between them.

I have seen this also in many other circles, besides those tourists, educated people, godly people, waldorf people, conscientious people, Christian people, we all want to do what is right, but who has the strength? You need God for that AND society, you need a group of people that supports that vision, if you just have yourselves, sooner or later the wolf will come in. This last Christmas we went visiting relatives in Spain, my children were praised upon arrival, how good they behave, how thoughtful, how nice to be around with all day long, they are really different from the ones raised in this country, what do you do different? After two weeks of being there my children started to behave like the regulars, all their niceties were dwindling and at the end of our stay you could not have differentiated one from another! There is a lot of things going on in the culture one is living in, you need a society to uphold standards. You can see this clearly in language, my children never acquired my strong Spanish accent while learning English, though I was the main caregiver! The culture gives the language, and does also give many other things. Let me not be blind thinking we can be doing it alone just with God, God can surely bring strayed ones to his fold, but we also need to fellowship with one another regularly, and a society that upholds God’s will, though division may come in, though purifications may be sent, let me ask for God’s will, for God’s leadership in these matters, for God to show His bride to us.

We are doing songbooks this time, one it is full of Amish songs we have learned with our neighbors and we sing them at night together, the other is a compilation of our favorite songs and some new ones that go through the calendar of the year. For this season we are choosing  O Sacred Head Surrounded, and The Heartbeat of God.


  1. I am so glad that I found your blog. You make me want to visit Spain.

    I actually think it is God alone. If someone had told me even 10 years ago that I would find myself attending a Catholic Church I would have said they are crazy but here I am and it is how I have raised my children along with using much of what I could from Waldorf Education. But even now 18 year old daughter is rejecting much of what she has been given. Yes, I could blame society at large but instead I am learning to "let go and let God" as the saying goes. I think it is very tempting to idealize a community such as the Amish but I cringed all the way through "Devil's Playground" - a documentary on the Amish "rumspringa". I couldn't imagine sending those young people forth without even the graces of Baptism and it made me shudder at the delayed Baptism of my own children.
    My hope is that someday God will call my daughter back in the way I was called. In the meantime she will not be shunned, she will be loved.

  2. Hi Donna, I visited your blog, very nice! especially the corner for Lent this year. I think I understand what you mean, God can call us back anytime he wants, wherever we are. Thanks for your comment!